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The Boy Genius Report: More Cingular iPhone details

Ryan Block, @ryan

More internal marketing memo details about the iPhone fresh from Cingular? Thanks Boy Genius, we can always count on you. Interesting bits: iPhone won't fall under the Cingular Music umbrella (which is probably why there aren't any OTA downloads. Classic line: "What's in it for Cingular? We always start from the initial position of asking the question 'what does our customer really want.' In this case, we came to the conclusion that they want their music, their way." We kind of thought that was Apple's conclusion with the iPhone -- not Cingular's. So, gonna put your money where your mouth is? Oh, Cingy also claims "support" of FairPlay; don't be fooled, we're all pretty well aware Cingular currently exists entirely outside the iTunes ecosystem. "Carrier support" it is not, but we think you know what they mean. More after the break.

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