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Wii Warm Up: Conning and coaxing the one you love


A recent article in Women's Health apparently suggested that the ladies should join their fellas and pick up a controller, because that whole shared interests thing is really good for couples. We agree, though we think things tend to be easier if you're lucky enough to find a significant other who's already a gamer. Either way, the Wii offers a little something for almost any gamer, whether they're an old salty dog or total fresh meat, and that seems like it would be a great thing in enticing one's non-gaming significant other (of whatever gender) into trying something out, at least for a little while. Or if you're already coupled with a gamer who simply has different tastes, has the Wii helped you to find a happy medium? Valentine's Day is less than a month a way, so we want to start the romantic mood early with your lovelaced Wii stories.

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