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Always look on the bright side of server crashes


Like Chris's server, my server has been a pit of instability and crashes that make the game nearly impossible to play. Tuesday night, Magtheridon was crashing literally every minute, and half the time no mobs would spawn when the server was up. This is pretty annoying for people trying to quest or do instances, but it led to a couple of fun little side games. Among these were:

  • Guess how long the server will stay up for! The winner gets their name announced when the server returns from its next crash.
  • Race around Hellfire Citadel and see how far you can get before the server shuts down again.
  • If all the mobs have disappeared, immediately go out and kill all the opposing faction you can find. It's pretty easy with no mob interference.
  • If the mobs are still not there, see how much of the area you can explore before the server shuts down. Unfortunately, if the mobs suddenly repopulate, you can be in a whole lot of trouble. I got a 15-minute shutdown warning in Shattrath City and tried to see how far I could go before the crash. When the server came up again, I was in Shadowmoon Valley, surrounded by demons, with a flight path that led nowhere and a long, long walk back to a major city.

Can you think of any games to play with unstable servers, or is "How much money did I spend on this expansion again?" still the game of choice on your server?

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