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Can the PS3 be saved?

Blake Snow

It doesn't take a Phoenix Wright wannabe to observe popular PS3 disdain, its launch mishaps, and concern with early system surpluses. Some have gone as far to call the system a "total disaster" in need of a "do over." In light of its lackluster start, GigaGamez offers a few recommendations for improvement. In summary:

  1. Off with their heads! Even though Kutaragi and other top executives have made Sony a lot of money over the years, the company needs to cut 'em loose for a fresh start. Only then will its PR improve.
  2. How about some games? The article wisely states: "No matter what could have happened up to the point when the console launched, as soon as the first really great game comes out, all is forgiven." True, assuming its criticized high price reaches mass equilibrium.
  3. Make the system easier to develop for. To ensure #2 happens, Sony needs to focus on helping developers leverage the Cell processor. And though we make fun of its over-hyped marketing, one Business 2.0 writer believes the Cell can, in fact, do things the 360 is incapable of, if only developers knew how to use it.
So is all lost for Sony and its flagship PlayStation brand? Of course not. It takes more than just a single launch blunder to bring down the largest name in console gaming today. But the article concludes with a warning, "I'd say Sony has a year to do things differently before things get really dire." Let's regroup in t-minus one year.

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