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DirecTV's new HD pricing

Ben Drawbaugh

DirecTV is changing their pricing, which isn't too surprising since they do it about once a year, this year the monthly prices are going up a few bucks for each package. What is different this year is that the HD package for $9.99/mo is no longer optional. Anyone activating a HD receiver after February 5th will be charged $10.99/mo and will get the all the HD versions of the channels they pay for. So if you get HBO and have the HD package then you will also get HBO HD, this is worse than it used to be because you used to get some HD channels without the HD pak. The real kick in the face is the fact that if you buy the NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you still won't get the HD games unless you have the SuperFan package and other than the HD channels only includes extra SD channels, like the Red Zone. This is clearly an attempt to get HD fans to pay the extra $99 for the SuperFan package even though no real HD fan would watch all those SD channels that are included. DirecTV is smart to announce rate hikes this time of year; we will all complain, but by the time the 2007 NFL season kicks off we will have forgotten about it and just be happy to have all the games in HD, well almost all of them.

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