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Mac Pro sales waiting on Adobe

During Wednesday's Financial Results conference call, some insights came to light regarding the sales of Apple's Mac Pro. Were potential purchasers waiting on the release of Leopard before buying, in what they call a "Leopard related pause"? Apple said no. It wasn't a factor now and it didn't happen when Tiger was about to be released either. So why have Mac Pro sales have been under-performing? Apple thinks there is a major factor keeping people from hopping onto the Mac Pro bandwagon: Adobe.

The lack of an Intel-happy Creative Suite, whose release is due during the 2nd quarter of the year (calendar year, that is), will probably open up a new stream of Mac Pro sales that have been delayed because of software incompatibility. I personally cannot begin to count the amount of money I have sent towards both Adobe and Microsoft for their software, particularly for Photoshop, Word, and Excel. And I can't imagine a time where we ever see Apple software displace these software essentials. So for me, having Intel-friendly Adobe and Microsoft Universal Binaries is totally a precondition before laying out the cash for a major Mac upgrade.

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