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Pedestrians spotted in Burnout 5


1UP recently posted this Burnout 5 image along with a lengthy preview (originally published in OPM). Clearly, we seen pedestrians strolling the sidewalk. So what's the explanation?

Our gut tells us there won't be people in Burnout 5. 1UP's accompanying preview seems to agree, quoting audio director Nick Laviers, who states, "You don't see human beings in Burnout -- it's all about cars." It's unlikely that EA and Criterion would want to push the boundaries of the E(10+)-rating that Burnout Revenge managed. Throwing people into the carnage could lead the ESRB to smack the next Burnout with an M-rating, drastically reducing the potential consumer base. The image posted above is likely conceptual, or perhaps appears in some sort of FMV clip. Although we'd love to see Criterion experiment with ragdolls crashing through windshields (with first-person perspective replays!), we know better than to pine for some Carmageddon-like action.

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