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Roland kicks out trio of new audio gear at NAMM

Darren Murph

While we certainly had our fun at this year's CES, Roland is off doing its own thang at NAMM this week, and the audio gurus have blessed us with a trio of new gear to tinker with, including a svelte guitar modeler. The VG-99 packs just about every guitar / amp model a player could ever find a use for, gives the owner full control over the dynamic controls, and provides alternate tuning on the fly for even more bizarre riffs. The device even features a guitar-to-MIDI converter for "direct connections to keyboards, sound modules, soft synths, computers, and other MIDI-compatible devices," which means it won't be too long before all these MIDI hacks get a dash of pickin' added to them. The MV-8800 "production studio" allows direct connection of an LCD and mouse for all-in-one mixing and producing action, and even boasts an internal hard drive, optical drive, and support for multitrack mastering / burning. Bringing up the rear is the V-Synth GT Elastic Audio Synthesizes, which looks to pull double-duty as a keyboard when you're creating tones to interact with the extraterrestrial. Although pricing information isn't yet available, all three of these units should be hitting showrooms (and sound rooms) real soon. Click on through for a few more snapshots.

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