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Sony Europe sez PS3 still coming in March, not April

Darren Murph

Sony execs have been known to say a few less-than-recommended phrases in the past, and while usually it's all fun and games poking fun of their blunders, things get serious when the giant starts talking delays. In a recent interview with CNET, Sony's latest CEO -- Sir Howard Stringer -- somehow got his wires crossed up and proclaimed that "the European launch [of the PS3] would be in April," and that this momentous occasion "is very important to us." As expected, more than a few minor uproars ensued, but apparently March is the new April, as a SCEE spokesperson has now stated that the official PlayStation 3 European launch is "still on track for March, despite suggestions from the CEO proclaiming otherwise." Of course, no actual day in March has been officially selected, but that number could come as early as next week, and if Mr. Stringer is to be the one delivering the news, please, somebody get the man a cue card.

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