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Steve Ballmer disses on the iPhone


Engadget tells us about Steve Ballmer's big diss on the iPhone. He calls it "by far the most expensive phone in the marketplace," which is of course not even close to true. There's a big luxury phone market out there, as Engadget reminds us, and the iPhone is hardly among the biggest tickets of the big ticket mobile phone items. Ballmer called the iPhone "not suitable for business purposes", which was also not a huge surprise given its lack of keyboard, 3G and (as Engadget puts it) "half-hearted attempt at Push mail". So is Ballmer out of line? No, not really, especially since he talks specifically about subsidies and contracts in reference to his "expensive" comments, but that won't stop us from complaining about his comments. We're fangeeks and this is one of the things we do.

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