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The Boy Genius Report: Nokia N92 Unboxing

Ryan Block, @ryan

Field report tidbits from mobile insider Boy Genius.

Boy Genius -- Let's just the Nokia N92 isn't a small phone by any means. It's also not that US-friendly, but that didn't stop me from snagging one. It comes with with the usual Nokia goodies like a USB data cable, 64MB miniSD card, headphones, charger and software booklet. Powering this hefty puppy on wasn't as fun as I would have hoped due to the sheer size and weight of it; the keys are some of the worst implemented i've seen. Instead of normal buttons they have a sheet of plastic over them (think: buttons on a microwave). You can't watch DVB TV and there is no US 3G or 850mhz support so our friendly advice is stay away, although the $850+ pricetag should help as well. Nevertheless thanks to CTI-Miami for sending us the phone. Click on for more pics including a nice side by side with the HTC Cavalier!

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