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CBS plans first HD DVD release: Star Trek TOS


CBS has created a new division within itself, CBS Home Entertainment, specifically to focus on DVD releases. First up are plans to dive headfirst into the Blu-ray / HD DVD marketplace by releasing the newly-remastered-in-HD Star Trek series in the fourth quarter of this year on a DVD/HD DVD combo disc. No word on a Blu-ray release date, however like Paramount Pictures we can expect them to be nuetral in the format war. CBS Home Entertainment plans to roll out 85-90 releases this year, including content from Showtime. It's certainly interesting to see HD DVD releases planned already for the fourth quarter, especially since Blu-ray already won, but that notwithstanding, we'll see if Trekkies take to the combo disc trojan horse, opting for HD DVD players later to check out each episode in resolutions fit for their HDTVs.

[Via High Def Digest]

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