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Gamestop: $200 Wii with Gamecube trade-in

In a Nintendo-themed weekend circular, Gamestop is promising Wii-less Gamecubers a $50 credit towards the heretofore hard-to-find new-gen console. Make sure you've got a controller, the console, the power adapter, and the AV cables, and you've got yourself a deal. But the kkkkrazy deals don't stop there. Trade in that old GBA SP -- y'know the one you bought for $50 from a garage sale -- and get a $50 credit towards a new or used Nintendo DS (we imagine that includes Lites). This deal, coupled with circulars from some other retailers, appears to confirm that Nintendo's inscrutable shortages of both DS Lites and Wiis may be over starting Sunday. Who here's trading in their 'cube?

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