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Make Bill happy, run Windows on your PlayStation 3

Don't mind Bill's trash talk about the Cell processor; surely he would approve of you running Windows on it! Well, not exactly directly on the Cell processor ... rather through the QEMU virtualization software running in Yellow Dog Linux on the PlayStation 3, as shown at the forums. Thanks to the ability to install alternative operating systems, curious (and masochistic) gamers can load up all sorts of crazy things on their PS3s. We'd like to see someone load up Windows Media Center and use it to stream video from their PS3 to their Xbox 360. Or maybe, install that x86 build of Mac OS X in QEMU under Linux, then run Windows XP via Parallels under that, and then run VMWare running Linux under that. And then get the hell out of there before your PS3 implodes.

[Thanks, Xenokai]

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