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Palm GPS Navigator 3 in the works?

Chris Ziegler

Evidence is piling that Palm is cookin' up a fresh cut of its GPS Navigator setup for tweaking Treos into serviceable navigation systems. Of course, seeing how the current retail version is incompatible with the 680, a freshened kit seems like a foregone conclusion, but we're talking real evidence here -- an online retailer is now showing a "GPS NAVIGATOR SMARTPHONE ED 3" on backorder for a mere $284.42. Notice that "3" there on the end? You can take that to the bank, folks. But wait, it gets better: Palm's latest price sheet also shows a GPS Navigator 3, rocking compatibility for the 680 and official support (finally) for the 700wx. Needless to say, it seems like owners of said devices should be able to scoop one of these up in the next few weeks. If they can manage to go that long without becoming hopelessly and irretrievably lost, that is.

[Via Palm Infocenter]

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