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Sony official GPS now supported by homebrew


Do you have the official PSP GPS accessory? Wish it would ... well, work outside of Japan? No worries. Deniska has updated the popular homebrew GPS application, MAP THIS! to now include support for the official GPS accessory. You'll need open-edition firmware 3.03 OE-B to run this beta application.

While the homebrew community is making incredible strides with projects like this, and support for full-frame video, we at PSP Fanboy are scratching our heads, wondering when Sony will ever "officially" catch up. Certainly, Sony Computer Entertainment of America wouldn't want to snub American PSP owners ... or do they? (Look at the lack of other colors, for starters.) For those that can run homebrew, now's the best time to pick up a GPS device from Play-Asia.

[Via DCEmu]

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