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Us to 1UP: where's our PSP stuff?


The newest episode of The 1UP Show was supposed to have the "really awesome" PSP game that was mentioned in the last 1UP Yours podcast. So ... what happened? It appears that the Ziff Davis people are constantly taunting us, as the latest 1UP Yours podcast talks about more good PSP news. Shane elaborates more on EGM Rumor Mill's rumor about Square Enix's support on PSP: "This isn't the end of Square Enix's bizarre love affair with the PSP. There's more s**t coming. The 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy is not over and you'll be really surprised by some of the stuff you'll see later this year (emphasis added) ... You're not going to see a remake of Final Fantasy VII on PSP, but you will see some exciting, unexpected Final Fantasy games on PSP."

To ease your fears, we're not getting Chocobo Adventure or Chocobo Racing. Shane explains: "There's specifically one PSP game that nobody could ever guess ever that will blow everybody away." Also, there's going to be a ton of ports heading our way as well: "There are some other remakes and ports that aren't Final Fantasy from Square Enix on PSP and DS."

So ... what's your guess? The guess that nobody could ever guess? Mine is a new version of Ehrgeiz (oh yeah, I went there!).

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