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Objection! Phoenix Wright should have bonus items!

Jonti Davies

Order! Capcom's domestic version of the lawyer 'em up series we know as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is being prepared for a fourth major stint in court. Two versions of Gyakuten Saiban 4 will be released simultaneously in Japan on April 12 -- one edition is not limited and costs ¥5,040 (US$42), while the other is limited and more pricey (¥9,240/US$76). Permit us to solve the mystery of their differences: the limited edition includes Gyakuten Saiban-branded headphones, a DS card entitled Gyakuten Saiban Dictionary, and a DVD that contains footage of animated highlights from all games in the series.

The Saiban Dictionary seems like it could be a useful tool, as it explains Japanese legalese (truly a complicated language) in some detail. The limited edition DVD even contains footage of last September's Gyakuten Saiban stage performance at the Tokyo Game Show. Now let's have an English version of this package, please, Capcom. The law is an ass -- we think Phoenix Wright kicks it.

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