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Why Utah AG Shurtleff and Jack Thompson don't get along -- the video [update 1]


Yesterday we reported on a spat going on between Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and lawyer Jack Thompson. The short version of this whole story is that Shurtleff asked the Utah legislature to pull the Jack Thompson-authored video game bill because he believed, and the record is pretty solid on this so far, that it would be deemed unconstitutional anyway.

Game Politics posted a PSA today, produced by Shurtleff last year, which we discussed in November, explaining the ESRB ratings system. This rational and cheesy approach is unacceptable when a politician is discussing video games. Where are the bodies? The children rampaging in the streets with guns and shooting cops? We are offended -- nay appalled, by a politician attempting to rationally tell parents that all they have to do is look on the freakin' box to know what's in the games their kids are playing. We're thinking if Jack did a video game PSA, it would be like the Lex Luthor destiny scene from the first season of Smallville, which we've placed after the break ...

[Update 1: Reader Timkell noticed we posted the Shurtleff PSA before -- we posted it again because it's relevant to explaining the current situation developing in Utah.]

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