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3G Motorola KRZR in the flesh?

Chris Ziegler

Moto sorta got the GSM variant of its KRZR -- the K1 -- off on a bad foot by failing to imbue it with the same manner of broadband data enjoyed by its K1m CDMA sibling. Of course, given everything we know about Motorola, the milking of the KRZR platform has only just begun, and the KRZR-like handset getting shown around over at MotoX Forum certainly seems to exhibit all the telltale signs of a re-upped K1. Details are virtually non-existent, but the presence of a front-facing cam on the lower right of the screen speaks volumes about the internals (read: UMTS). So Motorola, Cingular, if you folks are out there: we implore you to have a look-see at bringing this one stateside, y'hear?

[Thanks, Ishay]

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