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AppleScript brings iPod syncing to Yojimbo

David Chartier

On the Yojimbo mailing list, Steve Kalkwarf has shared an AppleScript he built that can send Yojimbo items tagged 'ipod' to the notes section of (surprise!) an iPod. Steve gave his permission to redistribute the script so we're hosting it here at TUAW to help keep the load off his servers. It's actually a pretty smart little script: it can break up long Yojimbo items into sequential notes, and it offers a dialog to wipe out previous Yojimbo notes from the iPod in case things get messy.

Grateful users on the list have already asked if there's any way to make this script run automatically once an iPod is mounted. While there is surely some fancy schmancy command one can enter into Terminal to do this (anyone care to share?), I'm sure utilities like Life2Go, an app that syncs all sorts of info to an iPod and can run anything you want when one is connected, can do the trick for those of us who aren't wearing the badge of the code ninja.

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