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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Lyrics contest winner

Barb Dybwad

Without further ado, the grand prize winner of the Countdown to Burning Crusade lyrics contest: Josh Refenes, aka Ragbar, is going to take home the Belkin N52 gamepad and a Green Linen shirt for his entry, Soon the Crusade is Burning which spoofs "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. Click on to read the rest of the lyrics, and also be sure to check out the excellent runners-up. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Soon the Crusade is Burning
-- by Josh Refenes (aka, Ragbar)

Started out on Launch Day, Couldn't wait, install and play,
In Azeroth there's Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms too

Darnassus, Durotar, Silithus is very far
Stranglethorn, Elwynn Forest, don't forget Westfall

Level up, quest grind, AoE will save you time
Move on up, don't delay, South Park just killed boars all day

Ganked again in STV, corpse camping, let me be
My class sucks, it's not fair, I'm rolling warlock

Soon the Crusade is Burning
In a few more days,
We'll waste our lives away
Soon the Crusade is Burning
Don't even try to fight it
You know you're gonna buy it

Leroy Jenkins, Barrens Chat, Bubblehearth, and Winter Hat.
Guards asleep in Booty Bay, camped the boats today.

Chinese Farmers, Buy some gold, Norris jokes got really old.
Honor grind, got so mad, 2 hour ques were really bad

Darkmoon Faire, Tier 3 gear, Burning Crusade is almost here.
Illegal Danish Super Snacks, where's the sequel, gimme that.

Ganked again in Searing Gorge, all the lag in Ironforge
Ahn'Quiraj, Molten Core, I got raid, LFM.


Turtling in Warsong, race in Valley won't take long
Ragnaros, C'Thun, Onyxia, Nefarion

Plague of Corrupted Blood, Blizzard give my class some love.
New talents, jewelcraft, watching World of Roguecraft

Lern2play, what a noob, post my fraps on youtube
Vanish broke, respec paid, WTB a Krol Blade

New patch, 2.0, where did all the add-ons go?
kek, mithril spurs, Arcanite Reaper!!


Rolled a pally, got bored, Switcher vids say roll horde
Tarren Mill and Southshore, no one goes there anymore

AV Snowball fights, eat a deviate delight
Gnome costumes back again, Noggenfogger Skeleton

Naxxramas, Blackwing Lair, Blood Elf Pallies everywhere
More dots, you're kidding me, minus 50 DKP!!!


Ninja loot, lightwell, you spec'd for that? ROFL
Trollbane Hall, Defiler's Den, Camping Blackrock Mountain

Raid wipe, 8g repair, can I get a summon there?
Healing Pants, watch Murky Dance, Defensive or Berzerker Stance

Scouting BG's all day, Debuff if you /afk
Honor points in large amounts, KB's are what really count

5k crit, F-that, hit them with the nerf bat
Deathcoil, Ice Trap, come on man that's total crap!


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