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Halo 3 Beta notices this week, phase one registration closed


The first wave of Halo 3 Beta registrants will be notified of their acceptances this week, bringing phase one of Bungie's registration process to a close. A brief statement posted on reads: "If you have been selected to participate, congratulations and stay tuned for an email notification on the week of January 22-26, 2007." Anyone expecting?

Two additional registration phases will follow, beginning with the "Rule of Three" Halo 2 playathon (Feb. 1). The final invitations to join the beta will be granted through the purchase of specially-marked retail boxes of Crackdown, which releases February 20.

In related news, Microsoft has confirmed that the Crackdown demo, which will not offer access to Halo 3 Beta, will launch on Xbox Live tomorrow, January 23 (2:00 A.M. PST).

[Via Xboxic; thanks, Jonah & Mr. Dude]

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