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Joystiq poll: Did you get a Wii yesterday?

After an extended (and difficult to understand) period of Wii shortages, Nintendo finally managed to get the consoles onto store shelves, where they were eagerly grabbed, shoved into bags, and thrown into the backs of various vehicles. As promised in Sunday's circulars, many box stores (like Target, pictured above) had systems in stock. What was the scene like? Were there lines around the block; a small group of dedicated fans huddled together for warmth; or a curious manager wondering why you were standing outside the store three hours before opening? And what about the specialty game retailers, did they get any? More importantly, did you manage to finally get your hands on a Wii?

[Update: added poll results as of 2/15/2007.]

[Image credit: Wii Warriors, from Flickr user xnd144]

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