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Pentax debuts a pair of 7 megapixel Optios, the T30 and M30


We spotted that Optio E30 compact camera from Pentax right before CES, but now it has some 7 megapixel company in the form of the Optio T30 (pictured) and Optio M30. The real hotness is going on in the former: the T30 packs a 3-inch touchscreen LCD, 3x zoom and 7.1 megapixel CCD, along with face recognition for beefing up auto focus and auto exposure, high ISO digital shake reduction and some stylus-based frivolities. Other fun facts include Pentax's claim that the camera is the thinnest to offer a 3-inch touchscreen and 3x optical zoom, along wth a 3200 ISO, SDHC compatibility and 20MB of built-in memory. Pentax lines up most of the same specs for its Optio M30, even including that off-the-chain -- and we're sure incredibly grainy -- 3200 ISO, but instead of a touchscreen, this M30 concentrates on a 0.7-inch thick aluminum body and a fancy auto-macro mode for spiffing up those closeups. Both cameras should be out in March, with the T30 going for $350, while the M30 will run you $200. Peep a couple more angles of these cams after the break.

[Via Lets Go Digital]

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