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A current look at the most well-designed game consoles

Blake Snow

There are plenty of fugly consoles out there, so which are the most aesthetically pleasing? Opposable Thumbs pipes in with their take on the best use of exterior design for game consoles. From the article: "The 360 design bores me, the PS3 looks like a grill, the SNES was boxy and ugly, the DS looked like makeup, and the DS Lite looks like more expensive makeup. The GameCube? It's a purple purse, for the love of Gygax!" The op-ed piece dubs the PS2 Mini, GBA SP, and Wii as the most awesomely designed platforms to date. Mmmm... the clamshell was most awesome. So put on a black T-Shirt and tell us which console you think has the best looking and most functional hardware.

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