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BeMani turns 10, Konami gets dressed

Jonti Davies

Has it really been a decade since Konami made the rhythm-action genre a cultural phenomenon? Apparently so. And to celebrate BeMani's 10th anniversary, Konami is holding a 'Pop'N Music Culture Festival' next month at Tokyo's Laforet Museum. Fans should make arrangements to be in Harajuku, Tokyo on February 24/25. Limited edition BeMani-related goods will be on sale at the event, while Konami plans to keep the party dancing with a string of live performances from dance troupes and DJs.

The best mementos of this anniversary, though, are the Pop'N Music t-shirts being made by Graniph (a Japanese t-shirt designer that's more Benetton than Bape) to commemorate everything that's been funky about BeMani over the past decade. Only 500 of these shirts are being made, so residents of Japan should make their orders "pronto".

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