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Incessant texting gets thief to return purse

Michael Caputo

In this day and age, having someone steal your purse or wallet is a common occurrence especially in larger cities. It's not that common, though, to have someone steal your bag filled with credit cards, lots of cash, and your cellphone, only to have all of it returned it to you. That's what happened to Pan Aiying, a school teacher from the province of Shandong in China. Her bag was stolen from her while she was riding a bicycle home from work. She borrowed a friends phone to call her own only to have the call unanswered. In a desperate situation, she decided to text the thief thinking she might appeal to his morals. The text read, "Keep the 4,900 yuan ($630) if you really need it, but please return the other things to me." 21 text messages later and still no response from him until the next day when the bag appeared in her courtyard. Everything was still in the bag when she opened it. OK everyone, all at the same time now: "Awwwww!"

[Via Fark]

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