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LG's FM37 touch-screen MP3 player (and others) outted in Korea


Pictured above is a bit of good news in the shadow of LG's market pummeling this morning. That's the official graduation photo of LG's new 10.4-mm thin FM37 (AKA, the &37) digital media player. It packs 2GB (249,000KRW / $266) or 4GB (299,000KRW / $320) of storage, support for MP3/WMA/OGG playback and e-Books, enough battery for up to 24-hours of audio or 3-hours of unspecified video, and a "Mobile XD Engine" for supposedly improved picture quality on that 2.4-inch TFT LCD touch display -- that's right, touch. After the ballyhooed launches of the KE850 and iPhone, could it be any different? Also announced is the Mini Muvi FM33 followup to the FM35 DMB and MP3 player released in May. It squeezes in 1GB/2GB/4GB of flash and a 1.77-inch TFT LCD into a 42 x 70.5 x 12.5-mm audio player for 149,000KRW ($159), 179,000KRW ($192), and 239,000KRW ($256), respectively. Bringing up the rear is the do all, Music&Movie DMB T50 which brings either 1GB or 2GBs of audio and video capacity in addition to that sweet, mind-numbing, tiny TV ache for 189,000KRW ($202) or 249,000KRW ($266). Pics of the others after the break.

Update: CDPkorea has a more details on the FM37 along with tons of pics. We now know that the 63-gram FM37 packs an FM tuner, a QVGA 320 x 240 display, and support for AVI and WMV video formats. Check the gallery for all the pics.

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