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PS3 bike commercial: This is living? This isn't even trying


"Ever thought about how you can get even more control?" This is the question posed to us in the latest European PS3 commercial. We could ask the same question about the marketing of the PS3 -- ever think about how Sony can get control over the content of these commercials? We thought the European cup stacking advert was a bit off, but this bike trick thing just throws a new heap of monkey waste at the wall. Once again, at least the Europeans get game footage in their advertising, which was seriously lacking in the states.

The guys over at GayGamer put it well when they mocked the "It's where the old rules don't apply" line, saying, "Eh? And you're showing us this by showing tried and true human talent with respected displays of technique? Maybe if the guy doing the bike tricks took off flying, a la The Matrix 2, I would understand these commercials." We're also a little confused about the sultry British woman's accent in the commercials. Does the British accent turn Europeans on as much as it does Americans? We're just trying to find some semblance of logic and reason in the entire library of PS3 advertisements.

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