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An Apple by any other name

Scott McNulty

I am just a simple blogger. I don't have a PhD in anything (other than Awesomeness, but I got that online for 5 bucks) nor do I spend my days locked in an Ivory Tower pondering the socioeconomic implications of the Ruble. This is why when you went to get a broader prospective on what Apple's recent name change (from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc.) means you turn to trained professionals.

That's just what Knowledge@Wharton did for their piece examining what Apple's name change means for consumers, and to Apple as a company. Some think that it is a tacit declaration of surrender in the PC market ('We lost the PC war, so we might as well get rid of the computer from our name') while others think that the change was made to more accurately reflect Apple's diversifying interests.

If you ask me, which you didn't, Apple is clearly devoted to computers in whatever form they may take. When you get right down to it the iPhone and the Apple TV are both just highly specialized Macs running variants of OS X. Are they computers? Are they consumer electronics? They're both, and that convergence is the market that Apple is trying to corner.

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