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Crown this year's NFL broadcast champion


Sure we can compare the quality of various iterations of the State of the Union HDTV broadcast, but we're pretty sure that most people bought their HDTVs to watch football instead of politics. So, which network brought us the best broadcasts of this -- almost complete -- NFL season? Mediaweek took a look at the season that was, preferring CBS' 1080i broadcast over Fox's 720p, but like many of us are still trying to figure out why the network only broadcasts 3 games a week in HD. C'mon CBS, we're even getting live HDTV from Hawaii now, are you going to tell us an afternoon game in Cincinnati has to be in standard def? NBC joined the crowd this year with Sunday Night Football and ESPN took over Monday Night Football from ABC, but with CBS airing the Super Bowl we look forward to a quality broadcast with just one game scheduled that day.

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