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Draenei shadow priests gone wild!


... over Gift of the Naaru, their heal-over-time racial that is apparently not usable in shadowform. Hiigara, a Draenei shadow priest that just hit level forty, thinks that Draenei facemelters are being discriminated against by being unable to use their racial because of shadowform's prohibition against holy spells. A very, very, VERY long and interesting conversation follows over whether Gift of the Naaru should count as a holy spell -- does it take into effect plus healing gear? What color do your hands turn when using it? Can it be counterspelled or spell locked? I haven't seen this much discussion about a racial trait since ... well, I guess Will of the Forsaken, which still gets complained about every day.

I sort of agree that if Gift of the Naaru was usable in shadowform, it would largely be a way for people to try to sneak past shadowform's prohibition on healing spells. But on the other hand, it's not like warriors and mages are classes that were intended to heal, and they can definitely use Gift of the Naaru. And priests don't have it easy in WoW (except for the stupid shadow priests that dot people, mount up and ride away, leaving only a trail of purple fire and an angry dead person.)

What do you think? Should GoTN be usable in shadowform, or should shadow priests stick to their pew-pewing?

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