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Kane & Lynch sighted for PS3, PS2, PSP (down under)


According to an Atari Australia release schedule, versions of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men could be headed to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and PSP. Officially, IO Interactive's tactical shooter has only been confirmed for Xbox 360 and PC. Eidos, which owns IO Interactive, is the game's primary publisher (not Atari). What Kane & Lynch is doing on an Atari release list is unclear, but it's possible Atari will publish the title in Australia.

Atari recently announced it would be publishing Eidos' Battlestations: Midway in Australia; perhaps another collaboration is in the works for Kane & Lynch. If so, Atari might have let slip the existence of various PlayStation versions of the game. Or, it could just be a typo.

[Thanks, Bruce; via Future Gamez]

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