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The Antquarium goes mini, ensures public humiliation

Darren Murph

Ah, yes, one of favorite bizarro gadgets is getting a much-deserved refresh, and rather than changing the game completely, it's simply the same fun-filled container in belt clip sized. The infamous Antquarium has now shrunk, and is apparently ready to rock on your child's belt, backpack, or headband. As expected, the gel-packed enclosure provides "everything the ants need" to survive in such hellacious conditions, and even includes an ant catcher for those who aren't keen on touching insects with their bare hands. While we can't exactly say toting an ant farm around our waist is on our list of hopeful accomplishments in life, the pictured nerd momma's boy seems pretty stoked about swiping the critters away from their homeland for personal pleasure, so if you'd like to encourage your child to follow the pathway to eternal singleness, you can snatch this up now for $12.95.

[Via TRFJ]

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