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Wowwee cashes in with new Spidersapien and Homersapien


As much personality and flame-throwing capability as your Robosapien might have, there's just no denying that he's a total square compared to some sexy Hollywood personality like Spider-Man or Homer Simpson. That's why we're guessing the new Spidersapien (the original name for Roboquad, if you'll remember) and Homersapien bots from Wowwee -- rebadges of Wowwee's flagship bot -- are going to do quite well for themselves, especially since Homer will be launching alongside The Simpsons Movie in July, and Spider-Man will be hitting shelves this spring to coincide with Spider-Man 3. Along with looking a bit like their respective on-screen counterparts, both robots mimic their inspirations, with Homersapien shouting a "Doh!" or three, and Spidersapien quoting Spider-Man phrases and pretending to shoot webs, complete with sound effects. No word on price, but you know you want one anyways, don't try and deny it. Peep Homer after the break.

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