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A Joystiq firmware update: new comment logins and site search

After countless firmware posts, it's always nice to bring you news of a Joystiq firmware update. We're calling this one the "Winter Update" and it includes not one, but two new features that have long been requested. First: comment logins. We know, our comment activation emails have long promised the ability to plug in a password to magically bypass the onerous activation system. Now, you can take that password and plug it into our new and improved comment field, bypassing onerous email activations forever! This password works on all Weblogs, Inc. sites including Joystiq's seven daughter sites and even our buddies over at Engadget.

Second: we've also improved the stiq's long suffering search functionality. Multi-word search? No worries! We've got all your "wii injuries" right here. In fact, we're liking it so much, we recommend rolling your very own Joystiq Firefox Quick Search. We'll be fine tuning things based on user feedback (no, you can't change your password; yes, we're working on it), so be sure to let us know how everything works in the comments.

[Big ups to our devs!]

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