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Futiro intros new line of Skype phones


While we failed to spot 'em among the swarms of other Skype phones that descended upon CES, Ireland's Futrio assures us that these shiny new handsets of theirs were in fact there, although it appears that they're only getting a proper U.S. release now. The $75 Futrio Luna is the top-of-line model, mostly differentiated from the others by its considerable button advantage. Otherwise, it packs the same free standing (and corded) design of the button-deficient Futrio Terra, which will set you back twenty bucks less. Rounding out the lineup is the considerably more portable Futrio Solo, which will still tie you to your laptop's USB port, but at least packs some integrated cable management to keep things from getting too tangled; it'll run you $65. All three are available now direct from Futrio.

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