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Hasselblad intros 31-megapixel H3D-31 DSLR

Darren Murph

It's quite possible that Hasselblad is making this H3D revamp gig a yearly event, as just over one year since the 39-megapixel behemoth was loosed, now the firm is unveiling a slightly tamer, yet equally impressive 31-megapixel rendition. The H3D-31 ranks right up there with the RED camcorder in terms of sheer mystique in a shooter, and rather than watering down the specs so we average joes (and janes) could actually afford one, Hasselblad would rather throw down about the best stuff money can buy. This digicam sports the obligatory 31-megapixel 44- x 33-millimeter sensor, micro-lenses to boost ISO ratings up to 800, 1.2 seconds-per-image capture rate, mobile / tethered modes, and the firm's proprietary Natural Color Solution to purportedly give your post-processing duties a break. Of course, owning a full-frame 48-millimeter DSLR demands quite a hefty fee, but if you've got the $24,995 to lay down on such a beautiful piece of machinery, by all means, be our guest.

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