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iHD, HDi? Nope it's called Advanced Navigation

Ben Drawbaugh

In the world of technology there are more than enough acronyms and different names for the same thing. Then there are those people who insist on trying to pronounce them even when they end up sounding like an idiot. The world of HDTV isn't any different and with the new Hi-def media formats come new acronyms to learn. HD DVD's new interactive technology which for some time was known as iHD and more recently has become known as HDi. While we had a chance to talk to Kevin Collins from MS on our latest podcast we asked him about this. What he told us was that the code name was iHD and an internal name that was later changed to HDi (maybe because it sounds less Apple), but the official name is Advanced Navigation. Yeah we know, no wonder they call it HDi. It's also no wonder MS choose to back HD DVD considering they use so much of Microsoft's technologies. One thing for sure is that no one is arguing that BDJ is better than HDi!

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