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New PSone games hit Japanese PlayStation Store

Jonti Davies

Sony has made a new batch of six PSone games available for download (and subsequent PSP play) from the PS3's Japanese PlayStation Store. As usual, all titles are priced at ¥525 (US$4.30). Two of the games released yesterday have already been available in North America for some time -- namely, Crash Bandicoot and Rally Cross -- but the remaining four titles are exclusive to Japan. They are:

  • A.I.V. Evolution Global (city railway management from Artdink)
  • Logic Mahjong (a mahjong game by Nippon Ichi)
  • Spectral Force (the first game in Idea Factory's strategy RPG series)
  • Vampire: Legend of the Bloodsuckers (an isometric action-RPG by Artdink)

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