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Nike + iPod + Google Maps = Runometer

David Chartier

Here's something I've been wishing the site to implement itself: integration with Google Maps. Not ones to wait around for giant companies to switch on niche features, a small software company by the name of Gordian Labs has created the Runometer, a not-quite-even-beta mashup that lets you view and compare your Nike+ running data, as well as plot out your runs on Google Maps. By providing software and/or instructions for Mac OS X, Windows and even Linux, Nike+ owners can upload their run data, sketches of their routes or even GPS data for the ultimate in geek running goodness. A handy how-to guide is provided to help you get on your feet, but you'd better get moving - Runometer users have already ran over 1000 miles and plotted 284 routes!

[via Engadget]

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