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Rep grinds: Too much, too little, or just right?


We all knew the day would come when people ran out of valid things to complain about on the WoW Forums. Finally, it has arrived, with a level 21 draenei arguing that reputation grinds are too easy post-Burning Crusade, particularly the grind to get exalted with another race to get their mount. I can honestly say that the idea that the reputation grinds are too EASY has never crossed my mind -- and after doing the Cenarion Circle grind to revered, I know full well that the time when I complain about the ease of reputation gains will be the time when I call for the men in white coats to come take me away.

However, I have noticed that reputation is significantly easier to get in the Outlands. Killing mobs in dungeons will get you a good amount of reputation with someone, somewhere, and I've hit honored with Sporeggar, Cenarion Expedition, and Thrallmar without doing most of the repeatable quests.

I think they've made reputation grinds easier because of the fiasco of Cenarion Circle rep, and what a giant pain that was for everyone. Plus, according to the oft-quoted Raid Attunement Chart, you're going to need to be revered with five factions and friendly with another to even step into the Battle of Mount Hyjal. If each of those grinds was as bad as Cenarion Circle or Timbermaw Hold, people would give up halfway through and go PVP. Heck, I'm feeling like giving up and going to PVP just looking at it, and I hate PVP. And if you really feel like doing an old-school rep grind, there will probably be some Outlands version of the Wintersaber mount to slowly suck out your soul and leave you a hollow shell of a human being.

What do you think about the new reputation grinds? Are you just getting what you can as you go along and plan to go back later for the Hyjal attunement, or are you putting everything into getting revered now so you can forget about it later?

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