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The Boy Genius Report: Cingular's BlackBerry 8800c accessories!

Chris Ziegler

Cingular's latest accessory price sheet, which covers the period from January 21 to March 31, reassuringly makes copious mention of RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 8800 (in familiar "c" trim for Cingular, of course) -- and seeing how this is an accessory sheet, it's given us some insight into what sorts of goodies the store clerk will be able to pack in that goody bag of ours on launch day for a little extra coin. $30 ($29.99 to be exact, but you get the drift) will net you a leather pouch, sure to stave off the inevitable marring of your baby's casing for a few minutes, days, or -- who knows? -- weeks. The 8800's section also lists a wired stereo headset for $30 and Aliph's highly-praised Bluetooth Jawbone headset for a stiff $120. Throw in a $50 spare battery to boot and the phone's out-the-door list price is starting to look a little misleading, isn't it?

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