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Send Backpack pages to your iPod with Automator

David Chartier

We sure have gone kookoo for iPod syncing lately - what with tips and scripts for syncing GTD info, Yojimbo and now even the TUAW-approved online PIM, Backpack. I honestly don't remember how I stumbled across this tip, but it hails from - of all places - a public page of Backpack user dchadwick. Through the use of a filter and some clever Automator actions, dchadwick walks us through using Backpack's "email this page" feature, and then running an Automator script to export said email (once you receive it, of course) to your iPod. It isn't quite easy-breezy, but it's the best (read: only) solution I've seen for achieving such Backpack + iPod nerdery as this.

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