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Thin MacBook Rumor Roundup

Mat Lu

I'm generally not that wild about posting on pure rumors, but some interesting things came together today on the so-called Thin MacBook front. There has been much speculation that Apple is going to release some kind of ultra-portable MacBook to succeed the discontinued 12" PowerBook. In a rumor that has been making the rounds today, Apple Recon claims a number of details on a 12" MacBook at ~3.5 lbs; as always take this with a grain of salt. However, Unwired View scored a bit of a coup with hard information on 2 Apple patent filings concerning bottom-loading optical drives that would be located underneath the computer (AppleInsider had a similar story). We already know that Steve Jobs likes to insist on an optical drive in every Mac notebook, so this new design may be important in making a Mac sub-notebook possible.

If you take these two things together, perhaps that gives us some hope for WWDC in June, which is when Apple Recon claims the Thin MacBook will debut.

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