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Casio G'zOne Type S for Verizon?

Chris Ziegler

Owners of Casio's G'zOne series of ruggedized handsets seem to be, by and large, pretty enthralled with their performance. Pretty, they're not -- but when it comes to cellphones you can toss in the pool without turning them into paperweights, beggars can't be choosers. It turns out that the original model released on Verizon probably won't be the last, either, with a picture surfacing of a new model being referred to as the "Type S." Besides seemingly improving by leaps and bounds in the looks department, the Type S should add Bluetooth and expandable memory (in the battery compartment to maintain water resistance), bringing some media capabilities to an otherwise all-work-and-no-play clamshell. No word on a release, but something tells us the G'zOnes out in the field should have no problem lasting long enough for this one to come out.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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