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Nokia patents diamond-hard coating for devices

Chris Ziegler

That shiny new N800 isn't going to look so shiny or new after a couple drops on pavement. And don't act like you're more careful than that, either -- it happens to the best of us. Heck, frequent pocketing of a phone (or Internet Tablet, as the case may be) is usually enough to get it scuffed solidly into "well used" status. The boys and girls in Espoo always have their thinking caps on, though, and it looks like they've brewed up a solution for the pollution. To use their words, they've put together a "cover, a mobile communications apparatus and a method for producing a coated cover for an electronic apparatus" using an amorphous diamond coating. Basically, you feed some current through coal, wave your hands, and a magical 100 nanometer coating of diamond-like stuff attaches itself to plastic parts in the vicinity. And you know how hard diamond is. Best of all, the coating is apparently biodegradable, breaking down over time, at which point it'll probably turn back into coal and live to coat another device again. There's something almost Soylent Green about it, is there not?

[Via Slashdot and New Scientist Tech]

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