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Tyra Banks downs level 60 baby neglecter

Jared Rea

What makes for greater sensationalist media? Wii Sports accidents or World of Warcraft addiction? In the case of Autumn and Shawn, the latter takes the cake with the addition of a child into the mix. Seeking help from model turned talk show host, Tyra Banks (and Dr. Garry from Breaking Bonaduce!), Autumn comes forth with video evidence of her fiance, Shawn, turning a blind eye to their crying baby all in the name of doing battle in Azeroth. While the situation is as serious as it gets, Tyra doesn't seem to help matters, practically insinuating that Shawn is having physical relations with his computer.

That is one demanding raid leader.

This isn't a one-sided attack, however, as Shawn comes on stage to confront his wife and Tyra about his addiction. What does he have to say for himself? You'll never guess as to what his excuse is in part two after the break.

Just remember folks, you don't actually need the game CDs to play once the game is installed. So while the shredding gesture is a noble one, that man is so going to raid tonight.

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