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JVC's latest 32, 37, and 42-inch 120HZ LCD TVs


JVC-Victor is bustin' out a refresh to their LCD line-up this morning with the introduction of new 32-inch (LT-32LC95), 37-inch (LT-37LC95), and 42-inch (LT-42LC95) LCD televisions all packed with their fast 120 frames per second Clear Motion Drive technology. These 120Hz sets use image interpolation between frames to slap up a new image every 8.3-ms -- twice the rate of a standard 60Hz set -- for a smoother picture with significantly less ghosting. All models feature a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, 500cd/m2 brightness, built-in terrestrial digital tuner, and a range of input/output terminals including 1x HDMI, 3x composite, 1x RGB, 2x Firewire, SD memory card slot with JPEG picture support, and Ethernet for access to the on-line EPG. Unfortunately, the contrast ratio isn't listed in the specs but we do have estimated prices: the LT-32LC95 and LT-37LC95 hit Japan in late February for ¥230,000 ($1,889) and ¥290,000 ($2,381), respectively with the 42-inch LT-42LC95 coming a bit later in March for ¥370,000 ($3,038) -- expensive if you consider Sharp's new 120Hz, 42-inch Aquos brings a full 1080p resolution and 3x HDMI for just $500 more. Click-on to see JVC's (simulated) 120Hz tech in action.

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